Camping advice

Choose your pitch and tent carefully

Select and position your tent carefully on the pitch: it is preferable to put the tent in the shade to avoid the heat on awakening

Équipement de camping à Penmarch

Anticipate to avoid the rush

To erect the tent

  • Check that the zips are fully closed before erecting the tent. In fact, if you forget this small detail, you may have difficulties closing the tent once it has been erected.
  • And if your tent or sleeping bag zip is giving problems, cover it generously in soap and that should do the trick!
Équipement camping indispensable


  • Remember to take clothing that it is easy to put on if you are changing in a small tent
  • Try to pack your bag carefully so that you can easily get at things
  • If your clothes or shoes are damp, you can get some sand from the beach, heat it up on your stove, then put the sand around your shoes to dry them quicker
  • Hat for the sun, waterproof jacket for the wind
  • Think to take a pair of slip-on shoes and a pair of closed-toe shoes

Essential equipment

  • Sleeping bags
  • Foam or inflatable mattress
  • Stove (2 burner) – gas or propane
  • Crockery/cutlery
  • Plastic bags
  • Swiss army knife (multi-usage)
  • First-aid kit with anti-insect products, sun cream and after-sun cream, toilet paper
  • Tent, tent pegs
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Torch
  • Cool box and flask
  • Wooden waterproof matches
  • Small brush and pan
  • Rope and string

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