South of Finistere has the chance to have a great patrimony and history to share with you. The Breton culture is very strong and will transport you in a dynamic and full of discovery journey. Here are some cities we suggest to visit, for you to come back at home with great memories!

Pont Aven –  Artistic

This beautiful little city is the pride of South of Brittany. Pont Aven will make you spend a great time especially if you like those 3 characteristics: Nature, Good food and painting.

Various painters lived here as the well-known Paul Gauguin. Today the city still has a painter soul, with its great painting school and all the Artists galleries. It’s also the home of one of the symbol of Britanny, The Galette of Pont Aven! Finally, find restaurants with high quality regional products which will know how to delight your taste buds.

Locronan – Architectural

Member of the “little towns of character network” and having the label of the “most beautiful villages of France”, Locronan will delight you! The architecture of the town is authentic with its large St Ronan’s Church, the houses, the museum, all in stones…

Quimper – The Bretons Capital

Quimper is the “big” city of the South Finistere. Like its neighbors the town benefits from a high history and patrimony. Take your entire day to visit it and discover all the secrets Quimper has to reveal! Visits are organised in the city with a guide to provide you the best stories of the city.

What is there to see? Quimper’s fortifications, Saint Corentin’s Cathedral, the Bishops palace, the Kéréon street…

The city belongs to the National network of the “cities of Art and History”.

You also need to visit the fishing city Le Guilvinec, well known for its fishing harbor as it is one of the most important in France. Pont l’Abbé and its inhabited bridge (only 9 in France), the “Bigouden” Museum and if you come on a Thursday don’t miss its traditional Market!

Also, discover the well-known seaside of Benodet or the white-sand beaches of Combrit Sainte-Marine. Finally Douarnenez will please you by its natural landscape perfect for hikes and its strong patrimony around the fishing business.